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    Welcome to our website!  We are in the excavating and forest products business.  Our company has been family owned since 1958 and steadily growing. We are located 4 miles north of the City of Mauston on State road 58.  Mauston is in Juneau County, which is located in Central Wisconsin.

   We employ about 30 people and you will find our employees to be friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We only employ the best, and we utilize their talents with state of the art equipment, to ensure that the jobs are done right, on budget and on time.

   Bret J. Hillyer runs our excavating department.  We specialize in all types of residential, commercial and industrial site preparation.  We also build roads and do general hauling.  We are a major installer of residential and commercial septic systems.

   Donald J. Bollig runs our forest products department.  We specialize in and are equipped to tackle any type of pulping or logging job that happens to come our way. 

   For example we have machines to handle the most difficult situations, such as thinning pine plantations.  We do private, county, state and government jobs; we are able to meet all of their specifications.  Our operators are very careful not to damage the trees that are left.

   We have machines and methods for clear-cut jobs, even when they are in the swamps.   For these jobs we use high flotation tires or we try to do these jobs in the winter time when the ground is frozen, to prevent excess ground damage.

   We also do bluff logging, which demands the most talented of tree fellers.  This is important because you do not want to damage the surrounding trees or the lumber in the trees that you are cutting.  We keep in touch with the landowners all the while we are working on the site and we provide scale tickets for each load hauled off the property.

   We have week by week updated prices from the lumber mills to provide the customers with top dollars for their product.  We buy timber different ways such as lump sum, price per full cord or a price per 1000 board feet of lumber.  We will also buy land that timber is on if the owner so desires to sell.

   Here at Bollig's we understand and work very hard to keeping our customers happy and coming back.  If you have any questions or need advice, call us and we will send our forester out to your place and give you an evaluation.  All of our estimates are free of charge.






 Joseph L. Bollig & Sons, Inc.
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Mauston, WI 53948
phone - 608-847-5585
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Excavating:  bret.hillyer@joebollig.com or tammym@joebollig.com

Forestry:  donald.bollig@joebollig.com or lesliel@joebollig.com

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